Choc in paddock - cute.jpg


Photographed at Huntingdon 05 October 2008



Well, not only is he a very talented National Hunt jockey, but heís also the cutest guy in the Weighing Room!


Iím not exactly sure why I suddenly Ďdiscoveredí Choc, after all he has been around for many seasons.Iíve been watching horse racing on terrestrial TV since I was a child but, previously my interest was solely in the horses. I followed Andre Agassiís career avidly from the early 1990ís until his retirement in 2006, which probably precluded me from noticing Choc during that period, although I was aware of his name.


Possibly I saw a news snippet of Choc celebrating his win on Katchit following the 2008 Champion Hurdle.And I recall specifically looking out for him and his beautiful golden locks the following Saturday when he rode at Uttoxeter.By the time the 2008 Grand National arrived, I knew I was totally hooked!


Since I subscribed to Racing UK in mid April 2008, Iíve been able to watch every one of Chocís races, either live or recorded on video, via Attheraces, Racing UK or on terrestrial TV.And Iíve ventured out to watch racing live for the first time in my life Ė and I absolutely love it.


Hopefully Iím now worthy of the title bestowed on me by Eclipse Magazine, that of Chocís Super-fan!



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