Cheltenham Showcase Day 2

Racecourse Redevelopment and TRC Horses on Parade

Saturday 18 October 2014


Redev 1.jpg

Redev 2.jpg


View of the new grandstand, under

construction, taken from the Club lawn


18 October 2014


View showing the old and the new,

the passageway (centre) through to the

Parade Ring has been widened


18 October 2014

Redev 3.jpg

Redev 4.jpg


View across to Cleeve Hill;

the re-positioned horse-walk

is in the foreground

18 October 2014


View along the re-positioned horse-walk,

with the Best Mate Enclosure

in the background, right.


18 October 2014


Redev 5.jpg

Redev 6.jpg


The horse-walk bridge is

under construction too


18 October 2014


Another view of the new grandstand,

taken from beside the horse-walk.


18 October 2014


Redev 7.jpg

Jane 1.jpg


View of the construction site from

the steppings above the Winnersí Enclosure


18 October 2014




aka Chocís Superfan


18 October 2014

Chris & Lesley 1.jpg

rtc a.jpg


My companions,

Chris and Lesley


18 October 2014


One of the five representatives from

the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre (TRC):

13-year-old Koleleria


18 October 2014

rtc b.jpg

rtc c.jpg


Representing the TRC:

9-year-old Abby Express


18 October 2014



Representing the TRC:

9-year-old Thisonesforeddy


18 October 2014




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