Barbury Castle – hit-air Challenge Part 1

Saturday 30 June 2012


Hit-air 1.jpg

Hit-air 2.jpg

The jockeys and event riders

await instructions to enter the ring

The gladiators approach:

Choc (Team Captain);

Andrew ‘Tinks’ Tinkler;

Wayne ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson

and Richard ‘Dickie’ Johnson

Hit-air 3.jpg

Hit-air 4.jpg


The jockeys nervously wait.


Jonty Evans oversees the coin toss. Tails.

The event riders win it and choose to go first.

Hit-air 5.jpg

Hit-air 6.jpg

Tinks is ready to go;

he needs to beat Laura Collett’s score

of 49 seconds


He will clock up 42 seconds.

Hit-air 7.jpg

Hit-air 8.jpg


Veteran event rider, Mark Todd, tries his luck.



Nearly gone ... 22 seconds his final score

Hit-air 9.jpg

Hit-air 10.jpg


Choc’s turn now.


Ready to go.

Hit-air 11.jpg

Hit-air 12.jpg

No, he’s not fallen off already ...

his initial vault onto ‘Billy the Bull’ was so stylish

that he was requested to do it again!!!



Okay, let’s get this thing underway ...

Hit-air 13.jpg

Hit-air 14.jpg


It starts off slowly ...



Nice arse ... Choc that is, not ‘Billy The Bull’!!!

Hit-air 15.jpg

Hit-air 16.jpg


It’s becoming more difficult ...


But he’s still aboard ...

Hit-air 17.jpg

Hit-air 18.jpg


Hang on in there ...



Hit-air 19.jpg

Hit-air 20.jpg


The strain is clearly visible ...



Billy has not unseated him yet ...


Hit-air 21.jpg

Hit-air 20.jpg

Hold on tight ...


Choc hangs tough ...


Hit-air 23.jpg

Hit-air 24.jpg

‘Billy the Bull’ is getting the upper hand ...


The battle is over ...

Choc stayed aboard for 44 seconds.



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