Here are a number of Choc related articles I’ve found on the internet:


I found this article dated 23 January 2010 entitled ‘Robert Thornton looking to recover lost ground after lull in stable fortunes’ written by Alan Lee, Racing Correspondent of The Times, when searching for further news regarding Choc’s wellbeing following his terrible fall at Leicester in late January 2010.


10 Daring Jump Jockeys – Aintree 2009 and a very cute picture of Choc!


Top Jockey Backs Novice Riders – article (plus picture) regarding Choc’s sponsorship of two up and coming point-to-point riders – Gemma Tutty and Tom Cheesman.


Choc’s pre-Grand National 2009 article from the Daily Mail


Another article from the Daily Mail – Choc gives his tips prior to the 2009 Cheltenham Festival


An article from the Irish Tribune dated 29 March 2009 – asking whatever happened to the 3 contenders they’ve pictured from the 2000 Grand National – Paul Carberry aboard Bobbyjo; Ruby Walsh aboard Papillon; and Choc aboard Torduff Express!


There’s a lovely photo of Choc accompanying this Daily Mail article published on 13 November 2008.

The picture must have been taken as part of Eclipse magazine’s Marks and Spencer promotion as Choc is wearing the same outfit (and looks scrummy!)


A newsletter item about Choc from Lycetts, his sponsor.  Check out page 18 (10 of 13).


Grand National winning amateur jockey and journalist, Marcus Armytage, wrote an article about Choc’s friend and ex-jockey Ollie McPhail (February 2008).  Choc gets a mention, hence the link.

The Jackdaws Castle ‘kaolin treatment’ was also mentioned in Richard Johnson’s biography.


HOT CHOC interview by Peter Thomas from 07 December 2007.

Horse Racing - HOT CHOC.pdf


The IJF No. 3 Autumn 2007 Newletter, see page 7 for an article about Choc’s charity haircut in 2007.


Psychology experiments about preferences for faces includes research on which jockey looks most like a champion and, of course, Choc is pictured along with 39 other jockeys (from January 2007).


This is an interview which appeared around the time of the Cheltenham Open Meeting in 2006 – but it’s very interesting and, as usual, Choc looks very cute in the accompanying photographs!  This is a scan of my paper copy of this article, because it originally existed on Choc’s website which, of course, has now been discontinued.

Robert Thornton – Best of British – Cheltenham Open 2006.pdf


Another racing diary entry by Marcus Armytage (December 2005), this time writing about ex-trainer now author Charlie Brooks, where Choc gets a mention:


Here is a ‘fashion’ article, from the Telegraph newspaper, published in February 2005.

And pictures relating to the article (although the first picture is labelled incorrectly as Carl Llewellyn!)


An article by Will Buckley from The Observer published on Sunday 14 March 2004.


An article from The Times, published in January 2004.


An item looking forward to the 111th running of the Pardubicka, at Pardubice, on 14 October 2001 in which Choc took part.

Prior to the following year’s race, Marcus Armytage reported: The last British jockey to attempt the race was Robert Thornton, who was last seen disappearing into the roots of a hedge accompanied by a muffled expletive. Czech TV, not unlike Panorama, had secretly wired the fence for sound.

And I’ve re-located this article from way back in February 2002!


This is an even older article, dating back to 14 March 1999 – Riders locked in Folklore (referring to the young Richard Johnson, and even younger Choc).






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