On 16 August 2008, as one of the, I gather, regular ’3 questions’ articles published in the Independent newspaper, Choc was asked if he deserved his nickname Chocolate.  He replied that he doesn’t eat as much of it as he used to.  And that his surname was also a factor.  Choc admitted that his chocolate eating goes in phases; it was Peanut M & Ms until recently but, at the time of writing, is Snickers bars. Super-fan has picked up on a ‘peanuts’ theme here and wonders what will next be Choccie’s chocolate choice?


On 27 March 2010 I asked Choc about his favourite chocolate ... he still loves Peanut M & Ms, and his current ‘fad’ is Cadburys Dairy Milk with Hazelnuts (yes, I can go along with that, as I love ‘nutty’ chocolate too)



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