In April 2007, and initiated by an offer from AP McCoy of a £500 donation to the Injured Jockeys Fund, Choc raised a total of almost £3,000 from friends and colleagues when he agreed to shave off his long blonde hair for charity.Click here for photos from that night:

Over a year later, in July 2008, Eclipse magazine launched a competition with the aim of raising money for the IJF whereby, for a donation of £2, any member of the public could cast a vote for either, Jamie Spencer, Richard Johnson or Choc. The winner would be voted ĎThe Jockey with the Hottest Pantsí and a prize draw would take place, with the winning entry from each poll receiving a pair of their favourite jockeyís breeches.

In an attempt to bribe the public to vote for him, Choc agreed that if he received the most votes by mid-August, he would, once again, shave off his golden locks.To promote this, a video was shot at Market Rasen on 27 June, with members of the general public and fellow jockeys giving their opinions about Chocís locks, and this appeared shortly afterwards on the Eclipse website.

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It soon became apparent that it was a race between Choc and Jamie, and on 13 August a notice appeared on the website saying that Choc had won, and he planned to have his head shaved at his favourite hostelry, The Plough Inn, at Ford in Gloucestershire.And, as heíd promised, a video was shot at the event, which appeared shortly afterwards, again on the Eclipse website.

Viewing the video, youíll see that many of the punters are hacking away at his beautiful mane ... no wonder Choc claimed to be frightened and was worried about the safety of his ears.Besides, his helmet wouldnít have fitted very well if heíd lost an ear or two!

Youíll also see trainer Martin Keighley in the crowd of onlookers.His wife Belinda, holding son Freddie, is one of those taking up the scissors challenge.

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Being the Super-fan mentioned in the videoís accompanying text, and having a cherished lock in my possession, I can report that his hair is beautifully soft and, even a month or two after the event, smelt wonderful.Iím therefore wondering what shampoo he uses! Thank you Choc for acceding to the request I made at Stratford and arranging for the lock to be sent to me via Eclipse. A donation was made to the IJF when I bid for the lock Ė and it was worth every penny.

Chocís wife, Meally, regularly writes a NagWAG diary about her days out at the races for the Eclipse website too. Itís lovely to have a personal insight into a day at the races with Choc, and many of the other things that are happening during the course of their everyday lives.

Meally also featured as their cover story in the October 2008 Pocket Guide, where she explained how they met, and revealed details of Chocís romantic proposal!




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